How does the forecast impact the Flex Schedule?

So, I have been wondering for a while exactly how the forecasted weather impacts Flex Schedules. I am using a Professional Weather Station (not Personal), which is about 7.5 miles from my home at a local, small airport. While this is a little farther that I would like, I appreciate that it may be more reliable than the personal stations available (3 miles from my home). Anyway…

Due to the current forecast, I have no scheduled waterings on the horizon (next two weeks). I understand that this will change, and my system will probably run during this timeframe as the forecast changes.

A few weeks ago (I was a beta tester), my Vegetable Garden zone was set up to run at 6:30 pm. The forecast was for significant rain to start at 8:00 pm. I manually stopped the the zone so that it would not be over watered with both my irrigation and the sustained rain. My question - why did the Iro not delay the zone due to the forecast? At what interval does the system update schedules due to forecast changes?

Looking forward to both user and admin discussion on this.

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In the next couple of days, you will be able to view the exact forecasted soil moisture level on the webapp, which will answer all of the questions regarding ‘why does the calendar now show anything running…’

Since the beta we have modified the flex schedule code. One hour before the schedule can run we get the forecast for the day and incorporate that into the soil moisture data, determining if the zone will hit depletion for the day. The next day, the forecast we used, now becomes observed data, so it is self auto-correcting.