How does the 300' range work


so my backflow valve is on one side of my house, and my garage is on the other side of my house. as the crow flies, the distance is under 300’; but from a practical standpoint, the 300’ goes through quite a number of walls; including brick and hardy and several interior.

will it work??

@wingfield - to quote the EPA - “your mileage may vary”. It depends on how thick the walls are and are they on a very small angle (which makes the signal attenuation more) to the straight line between the two points.

I believe the 300’ measurement is above ground (another big signal strength eater) and clear line of sight (i.e. no brick or Hardy ™ walls).

I’d buy the flow meter from where you can return it if the signal strength isn’t there. One can put the batteries in the flow meter and test it for connectivity before doing the actual install. The flow meter uses 900 MHz frequency so it will go farther than the 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency.

Good luck.

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appreciate the reply. your email makes it sound like I can purchase from someone other than Rachio?? what dealers in Houston have this meter?

can I purchase from Rachio and return if the wifi doesn’t work?

thank you

@wingfield - I wasn’t sure if the flow meter was sold stand alone on Amazon or by others.

Here is Rachio’s policy:



So I’d say purchase from Rachio and hopefully you won’t have to take them up on their return policy.

Hey @wingfield!

Currently, we only sell the Wireless Flow Meter at The screenshot that @dlane provided is the correct return policy :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions!

:cheers: Lo

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