How does manual run affect Flex schedules


If I run a manual run for zones (say, I applied some kind of fertilizer which needs to be watered after applying), will that watering count towards flex schedules? And what about fixed ones?

I mean, if I do a manual run for say 15 minutes at 8 pm on each zone, if there were zones pending to be watered the following day (before the manual run), would they be affected?





Only if the zones were in a flexible daily schedule. We track all irrigation using a soil moisture chart that will increase soil moisture for each zone that is watered.


Thanks. Now, regarding the Flex Monthly and Fixed zones, there’s the “saturation skip” option. That doesn’t seem to be affected with manual runs like you said. But if that’s the case, what does affect it?

@coyote77 - Saturation skip is the new name in V3 for the rain skip in V2. So if 24 hours before the schedule is selected to run if there is actual precipitation over the threshold it will skip that run or if in the 24 hours after the schedule is selected to run there is enough forecasted precipitation to get over the threshold (even though it might not actually rain that much).

@DLane close… :wink:

Saturation skip was actually called Climate skip in V2.

We do have two types of precipitation skips for schedules, one is a simple rain skip which @DLane explained above, the other is a more sophisticated climate skip which this article does a good job of explaining.


@Franz - that’s what I get for replying when I’m at my real job and not looking at the UI.