How do you secure Rachio wifi?

The Rachio Gen 2 has a wifi broadcast called Rachio. How do I enable WPA2 for this device?


The Gen 2 only broadcasts before it has been associated (activated) with your account. After that you shouldn’t have to do anything.

Please make sure you only activate the controller through our app, and not through WiFi settings in iOS or Android.


Every time I update the wifi for the device it uploads the settings and then says the update of the wifi settings failed but it did not and the wifi SSID name rachio is left open and unsecured. I tried forgetting my wifi on my android and entering the information by using the rachio app but it had some issues. I know it worked for my old iPhone maybe I will try updating the wifi settings with that and report my findings

Ok that sounds like a plan. iPhone should work without any issues.

Here is some documentation for the WiFi reset.

If you are still having issues our support team will be able to get you back online in no time!