How do you pronounce "Rachio"?

I want to tell my landscaper about Rachio, but how is it pronounced?

Is is "Rash-ee-oo?

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@DavidMillerBG Great question, I found myself asking the same thing :wink:

Hopefully this helps,


The actual product is easier.

Iro (ear-o)

Thanks, have a great day, and let us know if you have any more questions.


I think it’s phonetically spelled out pretty well, here -

“The Rachio Iro (pronounced “Rah-chee-oh” “Ear-oh”) is a Smart Sprinkler Controller System…”

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Rachio and Iro are both unusual names. Is there a story of what they mean or their etymology?

I’ll let @chris answer that :wink:

The origin to Iro is super sophisticated. We thought irrigation, irri, iro :slight_smile: Rachio has a little bit more of a story, but the reason we used it is because it is a word-forming element for spine or backbone.