How do you pause a schedule?

Sometimes I have a schedule running and I need to pause it to repair a leak. How does one do that? Now I stop the schedule, make the fix then I have to quick run all the zones in the schedule. Very inconvenient.

Hey richinwalla, what generation of Rachio controller do you have? Do you know if it’s a gen 1, 2, or 3 by chance?

Most of the controls are consistent across all our controllers. To pause a schedule you’d open the watering controls and then tap pause. However, our earliest model (the gen 1 Rachio, the square box shaped one) does not support pausing. This was a limitation in the hardware unfortunately.

I have the 91DA2A. I don’t see a “watering control” as such in the menu.

Excellent, looks like that’s a Generation 3 controller, so you are able to pause. Here’s some screen shots that show how to pause. The first picture shows the quick run button when a schedule (or any zone) is running. When you click that button while your controller is running it’ll show you the watering controls. In the second picture you can see the pause button. By tapping that you’ll be asked how long you want to pause. Once you select the pause duration your schedule will pause for that amount of time.

This shows how to access the watering controls.

This shows the pause button.

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