How do I stop watering while a Schedule is Running?

How Do I Stop Watering While a Schedule is Running (IOS)?

Once you tap on your controller, you should see a “Play” button in the lower-right corner when no schedule/zone is running and a “Watering” button when it is playing. If watering and you tap that, you should be able to pause or stop. Did I understand the question correctly?

Thank you for responding,Thomas!

I’m trying to stop a zone while it’s watering. I’m using the Rachio App on an iPad.


Skip a watering zone in a schedule or the whole schedule?


I just want to stop a zone —while— it is watering.


Did you understand what I was saying? You should find an animated icon that indicates it is water and tapping on that will allow you to stop or pause watering.

Thank you again, Thomas, and sorry for being a bit dense.

(When you said “Controller,” I was thinking the Rachio box in the garage, not the App.:grinning:)

I just did a Quick Run, and I finally found the “Stop/Play” on the bottom.

Thank you again!


Oh, sorry. Presuming that you have a Rachio 3, you can do it from there too, but I almost never have.