How do I set up a drip irrigation system?

We have vegetable garden and I’m trying to install a drip irrigation system. When I go to select the nozzle type, I don’t see drip irrigation listed. Any thoughts on how to set this up?

Do you have any idea what the precipitation rate (in./hr) is of your drip system?


You want to choose emitter, it’s the same as drip. Some places call them drip heads, other call them emitters. I determine how much water (in gallons) I want on each drip section and then set the amount of time to water. If your drip heads are 1 gal/hr and you want a half gallon on each plant, set the time for 30 minutes. This assumes you drip line pressure is around 15-30 PSI. Some lines may be as low as 10 PSI or as high as 50 PSI.