How do I schedule a ONE TIME Watering

How do I schedule a ONE TIME Watering

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This will help you water one or more zones one time. Thanks and have a great day!



The question was about scheduling a one time watering. For instance, my grass really needs an additional watering at 5AM tomorrow morning, but I don’t want to have to wake up to start it. How do I schedule – right now – a one-time watering that will take place early tomorrow morning?

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You can try creating a fixed interval schedule for 5AM every day and enable it just for tomorrow morning. That’ll probably come close to what you’re trying to achieve!

It’s also worth noting that, IMHO, the Iro does its best work on a flexible schedule, monitoring moisture levels and watering based on need. If set up properly, you likely won’t run into needing an additional watering in the future.

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Well, I could enable it, but I couldn’t enable it just for tomorrow morning. I’d have to go back and disable it, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a Rachio in the first place. It’d be a whole lot better to just create a one-off watering. Done and done.

As for the flexible schedule, that’s what I use. But I have a fescue lawn in South Carolina, and with successive days of 90 degree days already, I’m seeing brown grass. So…

If you’re using flexible daily, depleting your moisture level will do exactly what you need.

You also might want to check and make sure all settings, including advanced, are set up appropriately as it makes a world of difference in the efficiency and accuracy of flex daily.

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