How do I measure sq ft for shrubs, etc

How do I enter in square footage for my zones that just run to my shrubs and plants with emitters? It’s easy to figure out the square footage of my grass zones but I wasn’t sure what to put in for my shrubs that run on emitters.

You can edit the square footage for a zone under Advanced Settings.

This explains some more about Advanced Settings.


Thanks but I didn’t explain my question clearly. I know how to enter square footage. I have done that correctly for my zones water my grass. How do I find out what my square footage is for my drip system? For the grass, it’s simple because I can just measure how far out the sprinklers reach… but for drip systems, there isn’t really any square footage it covers.

Good question, and one I am unsure how to answer :wink:

@emil any magic tips/tricks?


or better yet… does it even matter to input square footage into zones where the nozzle is an emitter?

No it doesn’t. You will most likely Have a heterogeneous set of emitters so none of the estimate math works well.

With gen 2 the flow sensor will hopefully account for this poor estimation conundrum and just report actual water usage.

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@Modawg2k, the most straight forward way to ballpark this is to measure the feet of tubing (if driptube) or emitters (it point source) in your drip zone, then observe the diffusion range of the emitters, bubblers, or misters (micro-sprays) in square feet, then back into the square footage.

Before spending too much time, it might help to define what your goal is with this data? Are you trying to calculate a custom nozzle precipitation rate? Correct the reporting in the app? Or something else?

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