How do I know my rain sensor is active?


Love the V3 app but I’ve noticed there’s really no notification that my rain sensor is active (on). Nothing noted on the upcoming schedule (like wind and freeze skip does). There’s just no way to tell, other than going back into history and looking at each entry to see if it’s active or not. The schedules just drop off and I have no idea whether they ran or not.

Why couldn’t you show something on the upcoming schedules that are on the main page? I can’t recall on the old app, but it used to be apparent whether the sensor was active or not.





We are going to expose the rain sensor status on the main dashboard along with other sensors. V2 did used to put an event in the history feed if a schedule was skipped due to a triggered rain sensor. I’d like to get that back at some point, but we will start with more visibility on the dashboard. It will be very visible if the sensor is activated.



Perfect! That’s what it needs. Mines been active for 3 days and I’ve got a timed schedule for new sod. Had to keep checking the sensor status and run the schedule manually.



Good stuff guys.


Got the update this morning. There’s no doubt about the rain sensor status now! Excellent. Thanks @franz!