How do I know if my flow sensors are working

I just got the wiring done for my new irrigation system. Its being built from the ground up. I have 7 zones in the front yard, and 7 zones in the back yard. I have a flow sensor in both the front and back yards.

I was able to test all 14 of my solenoids, and the worked exactly as they were supposed to. How do I know if my Rachio is getting its reading from the flow sensors? Also, how does it know which flow sensor to listen to when running a zone? Does it assume whichever zone is running along with whatever flow sensor is showing an output are working in concert?

This is correct, it will “tune in” to whichever sensor is showing an output at any given time! Here is a support article with some tips on how to determine if your flow sensor is working. Let me know if that helps!

Well thats a bit of a bummer. It might be a nice feature to add in a software update to have a more direct method of determining if my flow sensors are working. Since this is a brand new system from the ground up, and includes flow sensors, I have no baseline. I’d basically have to turn off the sensors for the first month, and then turn them on to be able to compare.

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oh dude i know, i have asked several times.

i would also love the sensor reading at the end of a watering event on the webhook call, once i get this im going to wrap up my leak detection.

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I pulled some strings and had @franz work some magic. It looks like your flow sensors are reporting frequencies during your zone runs, so the flow sensors are working! I do agree that this could be improved in the future, but I hope this helps!

Yes, it definitely does. Thank you very much for following up.

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