How do I get Soak cycle to work?

I have an R3 with 5 zones, 4 lawn and one micro sprays and bubblers for shrubs and pots. I want to water the micro zone near twice daily for a short 1 minute morning and evening except when it rains. I tried to setup one schedule as Flex daily with long soak cycle (10 hours) that doesn’t do the second minute. Tried two schedules but cannot open the same zone on a second schedule. What is the solution here?

I tried to go into advanced settings for zone but do not know what each of the zone components are where are each of these explained and what is the effect on schedule from each? Since most of these are either potted or very sandy Florida soils they drain quickly a very brief water and long soak is best.

If you want a constant 1 minute each morning and evening, Flex Daily is not what you want. I’d try a Fixed schedule, with a max watering time of 1 minute, a manual soak time of 10 hours and a total time of 2 minutes. I /assume/ Rachio will separate the 2 minutes of watering time into two 1 minute periods. Fixed schedules can always run on the same zones as other schedules such as Flex Daily, etc., so if you did have to set up two Fixed schedules on the same zone, you could.

Ya, I have the Flex Daily that waters all the zones when it thinks it needs watering. But I also had done work on my back lawn, I cut a trench, and added a couple more Sprinklers where it wasn’t getting watered. When done I added a bunch of lawn seed all over. Then I set up a daily watering schedule for that back lawn section which gets watered every day at 6PM for 8 minutes. So every day this section is getting it’s 8 minutes, while everything else including this section is still setup on it’s normal Flex Daily. You can see on the app where it’s every day and some of those day shoe a 2 and they both will be watering that day, the normal watering in the morning just before the sun comes out, and the daily one at 6PM for 8 minutes.

I can see my new grass popping up all over. In a few more weeks once the new grass is established, I’ll turn off the daily 6PM watering for that section. The Flex Daily will continue as it has been.

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Excellent way to add Fixed watering to a Flex schedule. You’re right; Flex Daily takes it all into account. Even manual watering and testing.