How do i get my rachis out of standby mode

My Rachio is in standby mode because of my Alexa app. How do I take it out of standby mode

on the ios app if you select device settings (the gear icon under the device picture) standby mode is at the bottom.

if you log into, you will see device settings as a gear icon on the left side of the page.

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I would recommend that the standby mode icon can be clicked to be able to turn it off easily. In addition, when there is no standby mode icon, there is an online icon that can be clicked to put it into standby. This way it is not “hidden” in device settings.

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I checked settings. There is no switch to turn off the “standby mode”.

Hey @Baywood-

If you click Device Settings, Standby Mode is in the top right corner of the settings on web, and the second line item on mobile. If you could provide screenshots, that may help diagnose the issue!

McKynzee :rachio: