How do I get it apart?

now that Texas is drying out, I started to set my unit up. Before mounting it I got my zones squared away. Now I can’t get it apart to mount the backplate.

Feel like an idiot. What’s the trick?

Take a look at this. It should help solve your problem,

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Thanks, looks like am not the first. Don’t feel so dumb after all. Being in a house that isn’t the newest I’d mod that in the future to make it easier to come off. When I did it, I actually pulled the control unit apart exposing the PCB. Fortunately it was not an issue.

Thank you @Jamesstrack


Sorry for this. Happy to hear that it was not an issue. We definitely have reviewed this internally but I will be sure to mention it again. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


No worries. Glad to get such a quick response. I am excited to finally get to use it. So done with trying to change up my schedules on my old one!