How do I get back to the Original Schedule?

I started using Rachio Gen 2 at the start of this season and over the season I have had ‘Seasonal Changes’ to the time per zone which has been very helpful. I would LIKE to get back to my ‘Original Settings’ that I first programmed in for the time per zone on my fixed 3 day schedule when I start again this Spring. How can I do that?

@hockeyozz Your schedule should revert back to where your scheduled started at the beginning of spring! Basically, it will seasonal shift “back” to the original :blush:
McKynzee :rachio:

OK… In case I would like to know what I originally set … is there a way to get back to the values I put in?

@hockeyozz There actually isn’t a way for you to see your original times, however I can pull them up if you would like me to!

I also realize I misspoke earlier- your schedule will most likely never return to it’s original times. Seasonal shift adjusts by percentages, so it’s pretty unlikely it will adjust back to exactly your originals. It should be close, but not exact! Sorry for the confusion there on my part!

McKynzee :rachio: