How do I force Iro to recalculate a Flex Schedule?

I tried disabling the two schedules I built and then re-enabling them. Is that how you can force a recalculation?

I’m trying to cost out what the Iro intends to do for watering in the next month. I also know that Flex Schedules will change with weather, but I just want a ballpark.

I think this came up during the past couple weeks and the solution they are working on is here: Soil moisture fill/empty. Basically you would “Empty” or “Fill” the zone which would effectively reset the Flex schedule to either run immediately or delay until moisture balance was depleted.

So the only way to force a Flex recalc is to adjust the zone moisture levels?

Yes, each zone works independently with its own soil moisture level. We are targeting Monday to provide the ability to adjust (empty/fill) each zone. That way, you can reset the zone baseline, or top it off at will.



Thanks I’m looking forward to this feature.

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