How do I do a TOTAL RESET of the Rachio 3?

Many issues:

  1. Controller can’t find router, even when following the instructions at Rachio 3 Light Section 2 Troubleshooting ;
  2. When controller was starting, either for a Schedule or Zon, whether full or Quick Run, it was ataking F-O-R-E-V-E-R to start.
  3. When starting a Quick Run, the zone would only run for 3 min, no matter what the setting was;
  4. No consistency in operation.

I could continue to babysit this unit, but I think it best if there is a way to simply do a COMPLETE unit reset to factory specs and start over as if it is a first install. Anyone know where I can find the docs for that???

Model: 16ZULWC, Router: ASUS ZenWIFI SC Mini - AX1800, dual channel, Dual-Band Smart Connect, WPA2-Personal/WPA3-Personal, no other items on it having any issues.