How do I change Interval Type?

I have a FIXED schedule that is set for even/odd watering that I would like to change to every 3 or 4 days. That fairly straightforward request seems to be impossible, I can no only switch between even and odd. Do I really have to delete it and start over with this zone?

Note: I see that this has been requested several times over the past 4 years and never answered. What’s the story?

I do not have a fixed schedule, so cannot answer your question directly. It does seem like it should be an easy change to change a fixed schedule though. I know one cannot change their schedule type though. No matter what, I do not think deleting schedule affects the zones’s data.

Yes you do have to delete the current schedule and start over. I was told by a customer service that Rachio doesn’t have a fix for this nor do they plan to update the software. Too bad they have this negative attitude. I’m sure other sprinkler system company are keeping they eye and ear open to upgrade their from these blogs

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Hey there. I am building the schedule you describe now to test this out. Here is the order: Fixed > Zones > Name > Daily Interval > Every X Days. Is that what you were trying to do?

I’m on the Rachio app on iOS.

I bought Rachio specifically to avoid using a fixed schedule. I really value the Flex Daily schedule and the weather data. It’s saved me thousands of gallons of water a month, especially as winter sets in. However, I appreciate the app’s ability to handle a variety of watering schedules.

Here’s my iOS screen for schedules - my has two flex daily that run half my yard on 3 days per week, the other half on 3 other days, with 1 day off for mowing. I also have 2 fixed schedules that stay disabled until I need them - for new grass or for a special “water it all” occasion. As far as I know you can have as many schedules defined as you need as long as you don’t enable any of them that overlap in time. You CAN delete any schedule you don’t need. Tap on it in this screen, scroll to the bottom and tap the big “Delete this Schedule”.