How "current" is the "Current Weather" supposed to be from public API?

The “current” weather data I’m pulling from /public/device/:id/forecast?units=:units seems to be not so current. The “prettyTime” parameter indicates midnight whereas it’s 2:30PM right now. And the weather seems more akin to the forecasted weather (or the weather earlier in the morning perhaps) than the current conditions. It’s clear right now, with hardly a cloud in the sky, whereas the API is reporting rain. Is this aspect of the public API intended to actually reflect current weather conditions and it’s perhaps the underlying weather station that hasn’t updated its data? Or is the public API not really intended to reflect current weather conditions? Thanks!

EDIT: Actually, the results I’m getting from the public API are not matching the data at for the same weather station. Any idea what’s going on there?

Same results today. It doesn’t seem as though this API call really reports current weather.