How connect the controller with the irrigation system


My question is the following : If I never used another controller before , I’m starting from zero for a irrigation system in my home. I like to install this controller in order to use with alexa , but What I need ? How Can connect this systems with the valves or the irrigation system ?


You’ll have to run wire from the irrigation valves to the controller.


Can you provide me an example of irrigation valves or system compatible ?


Hey @jpizarro009!
You need an in ground sprinkler system with 24v solenoids in order to use Rachio. You also need a 2.4 gHz or dual band wifi router, and either an Android or iPhone!
McKynzee :rachio:


I stand corrected- doesn’t necessarily need to be in ground. That’s what we see most often but as long as there are valves you should be good to go!