How can I stop irrigation once a schedule has begun?

I’m running into an issue when the sprinklers have started running and I need to interrupt the cycle, either because of an unexpected event or due to the scheduling starting at an unexpected time. We moved to a new home a year and half ago. So far neither us or the landscaper we hired were able to discover where the valves are located for the front yard! Neighbors have said that they have found theirs in unexpected places. If they were above ground, I could turn the sprinklers on/off manually from the valves, but without that knowledge I’m totally reliant upon the Rachio controller. (I do know how to adjust schedules and skip a run, but I couldn’t stop the sprinklers when they suddenly went on while various workers were in the yard!)

When a schedule is running go to the lower right hand corner in the app. There will be a circle with 3 dots and what looks like water sloshing around. Tap it and you will go to the zone that is running. In the lower lower right hand corner there is a square that you can tap to stop the zone. The system will then start up the next zone and you will have to stop that one, and so on until you have stopped all the zones.

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Thank you so much! I couldn’t find that information elsewhere.