How can I skip just certain zones?

I’m painstakingly applying weed poison to my lawn. It’s time-consuming enough that I can’t do it all in one go. I need to not water the sections I’ve poisoned for 48 hours but want to keep watering the rest. How might I accomplish this?

You can disable the schedule that has that zone in it and manually water every other zone in that schedule. Or you can remove that zone from the schedule and just readd it back in.

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@LarryMac another option would be to just disable that zone until you were done with your treatment! That way that zone will not run when that schedule runs.

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Hey @mckynzee, if my back yard needed less watering than the rest of the yard, say only like 2 times a week or less (it collects a lot of water), would I just maybe make a different schedule for it and then remove those zones from the default watering schedule I created? In other words have two different schedules for front and back yards? Since back yard is a lot more wet than front…thats another way to handle skipping certain zones, if they are needing less water?

Hey @NowhereMan!

This is exactly what I would recommend. I would create two separate schedules for your back and front yards, and set your back yard to run less often.

McKynzee :rachio:

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