How Can I add PWS?

How can I add my PWS, Weather Underground ID: KMASTURB19. It has been online for about 2 weeks. I have Generation 2. Thanks for your help.

@Wally, from the home screen go into weather intelligence plus click on weather station and it should go to a page that says weather network and it should have a list of available weather stations near you, then you just select kmasturb19. This is for Gen3, just saw you asked for Gen2 but it should be similar. I was able to find yours so its already there. Good luck.

Gen 2 requires your data to be available via pwsweather network. I’ve setup a station to host your data there (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx62612 in an hour or two, it will have a copy of all of your WU data.

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Thanks for all the help. I did go into Weather intelligence on my app, but my KMASTURB19 was not listed. I did see the new PWS that was set up for me, thank you. There is no data on that PWS yet. I already had a PWS on that site, but with the WU ID. I have been told that PWS does not support Weatherflow systems.

I can acquire data from your weatherflow station directly and push it into pwsweather.
Your data needs to be shared, like this:, simply message me your shared URL and I can take care of the rest. If you wish to use the pwsweather station you’ve already setup, I would need to know your pwsweather password to authenticate data uploads, you can contact me via a private message (link) if you wish to go that route.

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Hi, last year I was helped with the problem of my Weatherflow station data not being used. Another PWS ID was obtained for me by a forum member, and that data is being utilized by our Gen 2. Problem is, according to PWS, I don’t own that ID since it was set up by another person. it only obtains the data and makes it available to Rachio.

My question is how can I have Rachio see my KMASTURB19 data from weatherflow, or how can I obtain a PWS ID for my station that I own?


Gen 2 does not have direct access to WU network. To create and use a pwsstation of your own, simply register for an account on their website: and create an appropriate station.

After a station is created under your account, simply PM (link) me the station ID you’ve created and the first 8 characters of your pwsweather password (ideally random) to authenticate the data uploads. I can setup your new station to be updated and retire the old one once you’ve completely switched over.


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