How about removing advertising from ur latest app update ? I really don’t care about Rachio root revival and there is no way to close it or disable on main screen

Please allow how to close or disable this advertisement, some people don’t need it.

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Perhaps this is experimental or being rolled out in stages – I don’t see any ads on the website or in the (up to date) Android app.

In my experience so far, the website lacks only a few functions present in the app, e.g. setting up Wi-Fi and tickets. For routine schedule adjustments, quick runs, etc., try using instead of the app.

I feel the addition of advertising cheapens my experience. Rachio is an excellent product run by competent professionals. Please don’t do this. If you must, put the ads in the beginning of your summary. When I open my Rachio, it is to fix a problem, make an adjustment, or gather information. I am not in the mindset to be sold something.


Where are you guys seeing advertising in the app? I’ve got the latest Android app, and I don’t see anything…

I don’t see that either. I have the 8/15/19 update

I think it’s randomly and not everyone seeing it. I spoke to my 2 friends they didn’t see it either. However, last week on Twitter there were two people that requested to remove it from their account.

The advertising material appeared in my iOS app a few days ago, persisted for a day or so, and then spontaneously disappeared. While it was present, it was very irksome.