How About a "Next" Button?

I am new to the forum, so I will just ask…Has anyone suggested adding a “Next” or “Skip to Next Zone” function to the app? This would be hugely helpful when testing and adjusting, especially in manual, multiple-zone scenarios! It seem so very dysfunctional to have to make multiple single-zone runs, or to start a multiple zone run, find or fix an issue and then have to stop the whole run just to move on to the next zone.


I like the “Skip to” idea.

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Add my vote. Try to pattern this after the Rainmaster pro, plus some Rachio graphics, on what is happening as one cycles through the valves.


I agree. I would love this feature.

Simple answer I found. Just do a manual for all stations and set two or three minutes for each zone for a system. That works for me.

Do you mean the Rainmaster from Irritrol? That is a great commercial product. It is expensive. For my 6 zone system I am so very pleased with Rachio Gen 2.

Yes, I mean the rainmaster from irritrol… The functionality is excellent. One can run through the stations using the up or down arrow. Or do it by number and on.

I think Rachio could offer the same functionality at no extra cost to the Ap we already have. It would just require a little programming to make the Ap work that way.

This would be a huge improvement to the process of going valve to valve on a site for whatever reason.

I agree with this 100%. We have both large and small zones. When winterizing or energizing the system, some zones finish quickly while others take 5+ minutes. And on-demand next would be awesome.