House Sale/Moving Program

I’m selling my house soon. I’d like to provide the new owner the settings I’m using so they can maintain an awesome lawn. Can you please add a feature to allow me to transfer all my settings to another user? It’d be cool if it just emailed them saying to sign up/install the app, and here are the settings of the prior resident (auto import). I am not looking to give them my account, but rather just the zones, schedules, and general config. This is a Gen 1 device. My new house I’ll use the Gen 2 I bought when you offered the upgrade incentive.

Hopefully they can one off this for you

@Hilbe As @plainsane said, we can do a one-off. Once your home buyer has a Rachio account, we can transfer the controller to them.


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I am expecting to move in the next few years (retiring) and I think this feature is one you should consider a method for automating.

It’d be cool if I could just write down some ID code and/or pin that the new owner plugs into their phone to bring over the controller/settings. Like on move-in the owner does a blink-up and then enter in a pin to import settings from previous owner.

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