House Foundation Watering

I live in North Dallas. I am concerned about proper foundation moisture year round.
I have an 8 zone system. Three of the zones border my house foundation and are fixed head sprinklers. Of the 3 foundation zones, one is tree and vegetation, the second is bushes and warm season grass, and the third is ground cover and bushes.
How do I set up the system to water the foundation year round, allowing for freezes and rain, and water the trees/vegatation/ground cover/bushes on the three zones that cover the foundation.
I currently have it set up as flexible daily on one watering schedule for all zones, and fixed interval for 1-2 minutes every day on the 3 zones around my foundation.
Do multiple watering schedules track the water added cumulatively by each zone?

Mixed zones are tough with the unbalanced water requirements for all the plants. The watering will be inconsistent. If you really want to be able to monitor and control foundation watering, there needs to be a dedicated zone.

Here’s an article about foundation watering: Foundation watering

Read this: Settings

That is correct. Consider installing drip irrigation with inline emitters at .2 or .4 gallons per hour. Add one or two dedicated drip zones. I have to say that soil around Frisco is sone of that nastiest soil I’ve ever seen. It’s gumbo clay. I believe you can run drip any day of the week, but check with your city.