Hourly Watering Schedule


I am trying to fine tune a watering schedule for seeding the lawn for winter. I have a schedule all setup and was setting it to water specific zones for a few min every hour or two. I would like it to only run between about 7a-8p. I don’t see any options to really setup something like this. I tried to set it to start at a specific time, 7a, but when you look at the main screen to see when it will run it was set to run through out the night and then into the next day for a bit and then it was off for about 14hrs and then started back up at like 1a, even though I set it to start at 7a. I’m sure I’m not setting up something correctly but I have been through all the functions of the schedule and I can’t see anyway to even come close to getting better control of this. Is there a way to set it to run every hour or every two hours between x-y times only.


Unfortunately we don’t currently support a start/end time for hourly schedules. The product team is aware of this and is planning at some point on adding this behavior.

For now, you can create a fixed schedule that starts at a specific time. Then just use manual cycle/soak to act as your hourly “wait time” in between waterings. Set the soak time for 2 hours and then you can set the cycle time (watering) for whatever you need to end by 8pm. Take the total watering time for the zone (for example 60 minutes) and then just divide by the number of cycles you will have (every 2 hours until 8pm) to determine the zone cycle watering duration.

Hope this helps and just let us know if you have further questions.



Appreciate it. I will look at it and make some modifications here in a bit.