Hourly Schedule

I want to start an hourly schedule starting at 6am to 5pm. I have to stop at 5pm because I pay more for electricity for my well at that time.
Ideally, water for 10 minutes at 6am to fill my chicken pond and 3 minutes every hour to refresh stopping at 5pm.
Can someone tell me if this is possible and how to do it?
Thank you

There may be better ways, but setting up a different schedule for each hour is the brute force way to do this. If you want to water anything else, those zones need to be scheduled outside the time the pond is being filled. You could add one or two zones to the pond schedule for a particular hour, but then they aren’t using any of the smart watering features, so the other zones would be best in separate schedules.

If you have a IFTTT account, it may be easier to set up a repeated event there, but those accounts aren’t free anymore. It would have the same issue with making sure schedules don’t conflict if you are watering anything else.