Hourly fixed schedule now runs during night

I seeded a new lawn a few weeks ago and set up a fixed daily schedule to water briefly every 4 hours starting at 10AM. There was no way for me to set a stop time but I was pleased to see that it stopped watering after 10PM – it skipped the 2AM & 6AM waterings. Now that the lawn is more established I deleted that schedule and created a new 6 hour schedule (all other parameters identical) BUT this schedule runs around the clock (10AM,4PM,10PM, & 4AM), even during the night. So, I went back & re-created the 4 hour schedule and it now also runs through the night as well! So It seems that something changed in a recent software update. How can someone get around this problem, other than creating multiple fixed schedules that each water at a single daily time?

Odd because it currently is designed to run for 24 hours so the behavior you are seeing now is “correct”. I agree that we need a start and end time.

Now I did see a customer with a workaround that was clever.

They created a fixed daily schedule with a manual soak time of hours between zones.

So, they got start/end times and the soak period was essentially hourly intervals.

Could that possibly help?