Hot weather Auto adjusting?

Hi all,

I am in NJ and we are expecting 90 degree weather for a few days. That got me thinking.
My current default is to water every 3 days. Will the rachio auto compensate with extra watering if it’s too hot?

If you have water budgeting turned on then yes it will! This week our temps have also gone up and the Iro has automagically upped my watering times by a minute for each zone.


Thanks for reaching out. As @Striker169 mentioned our water budgeting feature will do this on a weekly basis. So we will either increase or decrease your durations accordingly.

With our 2.0 release we will have Flex Scheduling and this will be done a daily basis. So that will be a great new addition.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Thank you so much for the quick response. This is exactly why I chose Rachio.

How do I turn on water budgeting?

How to enable Water Budgeting…
John from the Jersey Shore!

Awesome. Thank you so much

Yes it is a hot one here in NJ this week. The Iro has been excellent for me and I cannot wait for 2.0.

Any idea on release date for 2.0?

i hope no sooner than when it is stable and solid. im over software companies getting something to market to meet some marketing requirement, only to end up holding a shinny turd.

not to mention, in my county, the government extorts us with teired pricing, so the difference between an extra 100 gallons of water adds $110 dollars to my bill, i cant have that, the account department will put my reproductive unit in a jar on the mantel in the den.

Yes, at this point really nothing to gain by releasing early.

@nehsmit I can give you a status update.

We’ve received great feedback on our first beta build, second one going out today.

Depending how feedback/testing goes will determine when we officially submit to Apple.

Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted the system (API, iOS) in the state it was last week :wink:

To me this is fantastic to get real feedback before the masses start using the app, we have not had this luxury before.

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Yes, get it right the first time. There is nothing like a new software release (MS Windows updates & Apple iOS updates) that needs an update a few days later because you did not test it properly and your customers complain and then you fix it! Again and again and again.

I am willing to wait because the flex scheduling is going to be so worth it!

Agreed. With all the new technology, last thing anyone wants or needs is a buggy upgrade.