Hose Valve Timer won't pair with Hub

Recently purchased a hose Valve Timer plus hub and I’m trying to set it up. I’m an existing rachio 3 user. Added hub to app and connected to wifi without issues. When I add the hose Valve Timer it prompts to insert batteries and long press the button until it alternates yellow and blue.

I’ve tried many times… About half the time the app will move on to the connecting screen (from searching), but the timer never stops alternating blue and yellow and the app always times out. I’ve tried unplugging the hub, pulling the batteries from the Valve and retrying, killing the app… No success. Not sure what else I can try.

Hi there!our

Thanks. for letting us know about this issue pairing your Smart Hose Timer to the WiFi hub. In this case it would be best to work with our Support Team. You can call 1-844-472-2446 or chat with a team member by clicking on the Live Support button on the lower left hand corner of our Rachio Support help center.

Please me know if you have any further issues.