Hose Timer says No Flow Detected

I received two notifications that my Hose Timer did not detect flow, but upon looking at it, all the baskets attached to the drip system it’s connected to were still watered.

I also did a “quick run” and it said no flow detected yet the water was flowing fine through the lines and connected faucet.

Think this started right after the latest firmware update.

Both firmware versions show: 6.0.15

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I have 5 hose timers; at least 2, maybe 3 exhibit this exact behavior. Watering is fine, so I just ignore it, but it would be nice if I could trust the no flow warnings to know there was actually a problem.

Thanks for the feedback @Onyxdragun and @johnny2678

Ill have the engineering review and let you know what they find out.



I am having the same issue - also believe it started after the firmware update.

The team is looking into possible solutions. I don’t believe it was introduced with the new firmware but some other issue the team is looking into. Thank you for reporting!


Same situation with a drip line for a raised garden. Waters fine but warns no flow detected.

Thank you @LawnLarry . The engineering team is working through how to best solve for these issues.


If the firmware team needs a Guinea pig I can help out and run it on my device (Been a FW dev for 10yrs)

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