Hose Timer - battery life

Hello - is anyone having issues with battery life on the hose timer? I replaced the batteries March 25, 2024 and just noticed that the battery icon was “red” and the bar was pretty much non-existent. I replaced it with a fresh set of batteries and now it is all black showing a “full” icon. Any idea what would cause the battery to run down so quickly? I only have one schedule that operates daily for 5 minutes.

Thanks for your help.

I bought my hose timer right when it was released. I run it every other day, plus random quick runs, and I had to replace the batteries about a month ago. I assume that it is still tweaking its connection and has had a couple firmware updates, so I’m not concerned.

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Also, I think the battery “bar” isn’t really a scale of battery life based on how the API shows battery state. I think it’s either good or low, no middle ground.

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Yeah - I did too. Ran it regularly and the first time I replaced batteries was in March 2024. That is the reason I was concerned about the short life span this time around.

Oh wow! So I guess there is no way to know unless it dies I guess!

this season, I am going through a set of batteries every week, the timer is used only three days a week. the other timer is functioning normally, i.e., lasting a season or more. What’s going on? Thanks

Same here. Have two timers and both have low battery life as told by the Rachio notification occurring within 24 hours of one another. Installed May 4, 2024 and new batteries low as of May 18th. One isn’t used at all (backup system) and the other not scheduled, just manual 10 min. runs once a day while setting up garden. Temps in 80’s since install and timers located in shade behind large bush. Makes no sense.

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It’s been about 20 days since I changed the batteries and I haven’t received a notification. Battery icon still shows “full”, so hopefully they will last a while. It’s getting hot where I live too (north Texas) but the timer is on the east facing side of the house, so is not exposed to direct sun during the hottest part of the day.