Hose based irrigation system

I currently do not have an irrigation system in my home. Instead of an building an underground water irrigation water system, I am planning to build an over-the-ground network of hoses of regular 5/8 size and then control them using Rachio.

Any idea what all components I would need apart from Rachio? Also can anyone suggest 5/8 electric valves that Rachio can control?


That will be a very neat set up. You might be one of the first members of the community to have this type of irrigation system.

The best place to start is with the purchase of a solenoid valve. I have seen a hose setup that used a solenoid valve and our controller and it worked. It was a very short distance and only consisted of 2 zones.

Let’s see if any irrigation professionals in the community have some insight. If not this might be a question best asked our wonderful support team.

Thanks @George. I have posted this question before I found the answer in another post on this forum - *NEW* installation, no prior system or controller

@franz has already done this and looks neat!

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