Honor First-In-Last-Out ordering in Watering History

The Watering History list is very useful, but there’s one thing that bugs me about it: the ordering should be modified slightly. Take a look at my watering history from this morning. Rachio watered 3 zone as part of my “Selectively Water” schedule. Reading this list from bottom up, this event consisted of watering “Front” for 86 minutes, then “Backyard, North Side” for 53 minutes, then “Backyard, Center” for 65 minutes.

My problem is that the last (top) two entries should be swapped. “Completed Selectively water for 206 minutes” should appear in the list after/above “Watered Backyard, Center for 65 minutes.” It should be in this ordering to honor the first-in / last-out (stack) ordering that this list otherwise follows. I think that only after all zones have been listed as completed should the history display the message that the entire run has been completed, even though I understand that they happen at essentially the same time.

In my opinion, first Rachio should indicate that it’s starting a schedule. Then for each zone in that schedule, it should indicate when that zone started and then when it stopped. And then lastly it should indicate that the entire schedule completed.

Just a small UI bug, in my opinion.