With the new software authentication available, would like to see HomeKit integration.

@jaye_wyo - If one does a search on Homekit here in the community forum one will find:

  1. A comment that the software authentication may not be for commercial applications (e.g. Rachio).

  2. Rachio probably can’t comment on Homekit functionality until the sprinkler profile is supported by Apple (it isn’t yet as of iOS 11.2.2).

  3. And that Rachio was listed at Apple’s 2017 WWDC as one of the vendors to support Homekit in the future.


What’s the hold up!?!


@wendland99 - Item #2 is still valid at iOS 11.3. I.E. not publicly released, only released to developers.

meaning its documented in developer documentation but not support yet in iOS 11.3?
I didn’t see a mention of iOS compatibility, thanks for the guidance!

@wendland99 - Correct. If one checks out the Apple Homekit page (https://www.apple.com/ios/home/) that page has no mention of faucet or sprinkler devices.

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Heaven help the forums here if Rachio doesn’t announce HomeKit support immediately after Apple updates that page, though. :rofl:


@aristobrat - Yep, I agree 100%. I’ll give @mckynzee 11.4 nanoseconds to announce Rachio is finally supporting Homekit after Apple updates the Homekit page with sprinkler support before the forum melts down with questions and comments.

I’ve found that page is the easiest way to shut down the comments as it is an Apple page and not a Rachio page.

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Hey Siri®, tell everyone that the Rachio 3 now supports HomeKit™.

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You probably shouldn’t put this Mic drop meme on a conversation that your customers who own the Gen 2 were originally inquiring about! No you do not offer HomeKit support for the Gen 2 so stop!

Hey @designzguy! I’m so sorry for the frustration. We were very excited to be able to offer it on the Rachio 3, and we tried incredibly hard to fit it into the Generation 2, but there was not enough memory to make it work.