HomeKit- zones are hidden in a different room from the controller?!

Going to try to explain this. I first noticed that my “default room” on my home app wasn’t going away even when empty. My Rachio controller is in the garage (on home app). Upon opening my eve and iDevices app, I noticed that on both it’s showing the rachio controller in the garage as intended but the zones are in default room. That’s really strange! Anyone else has seen this? I’m not even sure how to fix it given that in the native home app, everything looks ok with the controller the garage and the zones invisible unless I long press on it.

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I have same issue. Edit: found a fix
You can use app called
Controller for HomeKit by Jan Andre https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/controller-for-homekit/id1198176727

Bit like a Swiss Army knife for home kit

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Cool and so you used that app to move the zones to the same room as the controller? I found the eve app did the same but I’ll check this one out as well!

Yes can move room. I put them in garden. Controller is in conservatory
Edit: just missed fact that can edit the item in eve. And eve has a better user interface. (Of all vendor apps eve has the best look and feel)
I was using controller for first time when I had a grouping I couldn’t properly manage. Can get to some lower settings