HomeKit - Not Responding

I just upgraded from a gen 1 to a gen 3 for the sole reason to get HomeKit support. I have over 130 HomeKit devices and everything is rock solid.

I’m about to pull my hair out with this Rachio HomeKit however. Since installing it, I’ve reset the controller at least 3 times, tried a new SSID that’s 2.4 only and all result in the same. HomeKit works for about 30 minutes then it goes into not responding.

I run Unifi HD AP’s (the enterprise ones, not the consumer mesh ones). I can see in the Unifi controller that the Rachio is connected and has a strong signal.

I’ve verified I have no pending firmware updates.

Anyone else see this behavior? Any fix you’ve found?

I became a Rachio user today. Literally for the HomeKit feautures. I have the EXACT same problem…however the problem only exists when I am on cellular reception with my iPhone. When on Wifi, it all works as it’s supposed to. I read on another site that someone only had this problem start when updating to iOS 12.2. Perhaps there is an iOS fix in the works…but it’s more likely they are coding it for iOS 13.

I also have an EdgeRouter / Unifi AP setup.

iOS 13 doesn’t help this issue…