HomeKit integration not listed in web interface

I know that HomeKit can be setup via the app, but I just noticed that it’s not even listed under Integrations on the web interface (https://app.rach.io). Ref. screenshot below. Probably should be there, if only to let users know to use the Rachio or Home app for setup.

I’ve been working with Rachio for the better part of a year to get HomeKit integration to work properly with my implementation/network… They are aware that there is an issue… No ETA.

Wonder if this is why they are not focusing on it!

Thanks, but my OP had to do with a help screen on the web interface that omits any reference to HomeKit integration (ref. my screenshot). HomeKit integration is referenced in the Rachio app, but not on the web. As far as HomeKit integration working, I’ll be testing in the spring and will report back. I believe I had limited success last fall, integration was successful anyway.

I have never been able to get HomeKit to see Rachio. Very disappointed in rachio.