HomeKit experience

One thing I like about HomeKit is that you can do very short (under one minute) runs.

Today I got to use “Hey Siri, run the Front Yard for ten seconds”, which was long enough for the heads in that zone to gurgle and pop up, then shut down before spraying much water. That was enough commotion to shoo away a bunch of birds munching on grass seed (yard was reseeded yesterday).

“Hey Siri, run [zone] for five seconds” was great yesterday for having a zone run long enough to grab hold of a sunken head that I needed to remove for maintenance.

I know that I could have easily done both of those with a Rachio app Quick Run for one minute and then hitting the Stop button, but being able to speak one command into my Apple Watch and not futz with the phone was nice, especially when my hands were already dirty/wet yesterday.

Oh, this was fun:

Before the yard was reseeded, I had to flag the sprinkler heads. Naturally I waited until 9 PM the night before… I was having good luck walking around the yard using “Hey Siri, turn on [zone] for one minute”, until I got confused about the name of a particular zone. I’m actually not sure what I said after "Hey Siri, turn on … ", but the end result was that Siri turned on the freaking home alarm system (to away mode). As there were folks inside the house, the motion detectors immediately triggered the alarm. I didn’t have my phone with me to remotely disable the alarm (or to answer the alarm monitoring company’s call), so it was a very quick run across the back yard to get all of that done. Since then, I’ve been using “Hey Siri, run [zone]” instead of “Hey Siri, turn on [zone]”. :slight_smile:


Ha, I had no idea this was possible!

Be careful what you ask for :wink:


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And you can also say - hey Siri water the [zone] for [duration]

Note that for less than one minute Rachio still says “for 1 minutes (sic)” even if only runs for a few seconds