HomeKit Connection Troubleshooting


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going to separate this out into an individual thread so we can look into this further @Codytrahan! Looks like the best bet at this point is to reach out to Apple - have you heard back from them yet? I’ll keep my team looking into this.


I’ve submitted a support request to them, but not sure the issue is on their side. I have about 10 other HomeKit devices all connected and functioning well. The Rachio is the only one having trouble. Thanks!


Frustrating! I’m so sorry about that. Keep us posted with their response and I’ll check in with the team. Happy Sunday :sun_with_face:


Just an update. I received a replacement Rachio 3, got it wired up and connected. HomeKit worked for the first couple hours, then like the original unit it lost its connection to HomeKit and is saying “accessory is not responding”. John from Rachio support is having developers look at it again but no timeline…


NO :frowning: I’m so bummed it’s still giving you a hard time. Our team is amazing so hopefully they can get to the bottom of it. Did you ever hear back from Apple Support? @Codytrahan


Yes, they checked everything they could and ultimately referred me back to Rachio.


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll ping the team to see if I can find an update for you. Thank you so much for being patient and I’m so sorry for the frustration!