HomeKit Connection Troubleshooting

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going to separate this out into an individual thread so we can look into this further @Codytrahan! Looks like the best bet at this point is to reach out to Apple - have you heard back from them yet? I’ll keep my team looking into this.

I’ve submitted a support request to them, but not sure the issue is on their side. I have about 10 other HomeKit devices all connected and functioning well. The Rachio is the only one having trouble. Thanks!

Frustrating! I’m so sorry about that. Keep us posted with their response and I’ll check in with the team. Happy Sunday :sun_with_face:

Just an update. I received a replacement Rachio 3, got it wired up and connected. HomeKit worked for the first couple hours, then like the original unit it lost its connection to HomeKit and is saying “accessory is not responding”. John from Rachio support is having developers look at it again but no timeline…

NO :frowning: I’m so bummed it’s still giving you a hard time. Our team is amazing so hopefully they can get to the bottom of it. Did you ever hear back from Apple Support? @Codytrahan

Yes, they checked everything they could and ultimately referred me back to Rachio.

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll ping the team to see if I can find an update for you. Thank you so much for being patient and I’m so sorry for the frustration!


This is an old thread, but seems appropriate. A few weeks ago my Gen3 Controller went “No Response” on HomeKit. I’m on an iPhone8, iOS 12.3 with AppleTV Gen4 hub. All the latest software. Trying your suggested troubleshooting steps 1-3 didn’t solve the problem, so I removed the controller and started configuration from scratch. After I was all setup again, I reconnected the controller to HomeKit. My connection lasted less than 30 minutes before returning to “No Response.” Rachio is the only accessory I have that’s not staying connected in HomeKit. I had no HomeKit connection issues with Rachio until a couple weeks ago.

Seeing the same behavior on a newly installed Gen 3.

Tried adding accessory to my iOS home app last night. Manually enter the code from Rachio app, it’s been 14 hours , still searching for accesssory.


Hey Friends! We’re still waiting on some fixes. Below are the two latest updates:

both of these things should help the issues we’re seeing! Would definitely still suggest going through the troubleshooting steps at the link below in the meantime (if you haven’t already).


I’m open to beta testing firmware if you need testers.

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I am also having the Rhino 3 device in “No Response” status after going through the troubleshooting steps, including factory reset. It worked for about 15-30 min when first setup in Apple HomeKit. I use Gen4 ATV as my home hub. Please help.

I have a Rachio Gen3 that I am trying to connect to Home app as well with no success. The Home app just continually is searching for the accessory and never finds it. The code has been entered manually as outline. I have tried on various devices and reset the rachio.

Patiently waiting for the fix!

I ran into the same issue yesterday and stumbled across a fix that worked for me.

  1. I attempted to set the connection with HomeKit through the Rachio App wizard and it kept responding with an error about unable to connect to device.
  2. I was attempting to also set up a new garage door controller and had to do that manually.
    a. When I was adding the garage controller manually the Rachio Controller showed as available to add through the HomeKit App so I tried adding from Homekit interface instead of the Rachio App. When I did this it prompted for a 6 digit code which I did not have.
    b. I went back into the Rachio App to see if I could find a 6 digit code and when I launched the Rachio HomeKit wizard it immediately gave me the 6 digit code.
    c. I went back into HomeKit and manually added the Rachio controller using the 6 digit code and it added fine.
  3. It now works fine using Siri to start and stop Zones.

I also wanted to add that it could have been a timing issue? I had contacted Rachio support about this issue and they informed me there was an issue and they are working on it, so I stopped trying and went to working on my Garage door opener. There was about an hour window between when I stopped attempting to connect the Rachio controller and then saw the controller available to add through HomeKit. It could have been there immediately in HomeKit App but I did not look there until an hour later.

Great to hear you got working. On side/off topic interested to know what you are using for the garage door controller? I just installed ISmartgate on an older sectional door opener and works a treat on HomeKit

This all started with changing out my garage door. I had an old (20+years) garage door and opener and I wanted to change them out. I had already added an Insignia Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller and it worked great with the old equipment and HomeKit. I had everything replaced with LiftMaster 8365W-267 and you have to get the LiftMaster/Chamberlain bridge unit as well. Both the Rachio and the LiftMaster are rock solid devices once you get them set up. Setup on both had their challenges but be patient the support teams for both products have proven to be outstanding.


I am having the same issue where HomeKit does not find the Rachio controller. I contacted support and they said it was because I am using a mesh network setup (Eero). Has anyone been able to resolve this issue who has a mesh network setup?

FYI…I resolved this on a mesh network. I had to remove the remote adaptors and only have 1 connected. Then in the Rachio app, I removed the device, re-added it. At this point I was able to add the Rachio to HomeKit.

So far it is working well.