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I’ve been using Rachio about 6 months now, and I’m still loving it.

Suggestion: It would be really nice if the home screen could be rearranged. What I do most often, besides manually turning zones on and off, is edit the watering schedule. It would be SO nice if it would appear at the top of the home screen. The status display is nice, but it should appear last unless there is a change or problem (in which case it should pop to the top, outlined in a color indicating severity). Likewise, the weather display is nice but I get my weather elsewhere so I always ignore this one. I’d prefer this be found via a button.

Ideally, a tile editor would allow the user to rearrange the home screen items.

~ Nancy

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Hi @nnangeroni!

Thanks for the feedback! What would you like to be on the dash ideally, and in what order? I know you said schedules at the top, but is there any other information on the dash you would omit/add?

McKynzee :rachio:

Totally agree, one of first things I tried to do was drag the reportlets around to re-arrange them and then look in Setting so see if you could do the same and/or turn ones On or Off


@mckynzee, I’d really simplify the dash. What I’d like to see on the dash is “Last Ran: (schedule, time)” and “Next Up: (schedule, time)”, with a big button to take me to manual operation and another to let me tinker with the setup. If I had the opportunity to redesign the interface, I’d organize capabilities on screens I could reach by swiping left or right. Swipe right to edit zones, left to view/edit schedule. I’d keep the upper left menu button, but make it a lot more useful by adding items like “Schedule”, “Zones”, “Weather”, etc.

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@nnangeroni I like the idea of simplifying the dash! I’m laughing a little because your description sounds a lot like our v01 app, check out the screenshot below :joy:

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