History on Web interface Safari?

I see watering history ok on my iOS app, but the web interface on safari does not show any history for me. When I select the history display, it shows “Updating Events” with the spinning progress circle, but it stops and leaves the display area empty.

Is it just me, or are any other people missing history on the web interface?


I’ll have our web app development team review your account and let you know what they discover.


Thanks @franz. I just tried it on Firefox on another computer and got data, so it must be a Safari issue, not related to my account. I am on Safari 10.1.1, I haven’t updated my mac for some time. What versions should the web work with?

Except for security updates, I don’t normally upgrade my software unless there is something wrong or missing in my current version. I updated my phone to get the Version 3 app, might need to update the mac.

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Hi @jkb !
There’s nothing that shouldn’t work in Safari 10.1.1 (and I haven’t heard of any other reports like this) but it’s untested and things could definitely start behaving oddly if you’re not updating regularly.

FWIW, I’d recommend updating for the security fixes (it looks like there have been ~ 6 security updates between 10.1.1 and the current version of Safari, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safari_version_history#Safari_10)

Dan :rachio:

Just updated to Safari 11.1 and history is now visible.



Dan :rachio: