Historical Temps all reporting 32°/32° in Soil Moisture Chart Hover Box

Using Chrome to access my https://app.rach.io Gen 3 device pages. All historical temperatures are displaying as 32° / 32° in the Zone Soil Moisture chart detail boxes. Current day temperatures are correct, for today 73° / 88°. UI or data storage/retrieval Bug?

@Toneus Does this persist if you refresh the page?


Looks like a data storage defect. Having the engineering team review and will get a fix out after we’ve identified what is happening.

Thank you for reporting this!


@timber Yes, an F5 (Refresh), a Reload, and a logout/login all display the same 32°/32° for historical days in all Zones.

@franz Same display in Android app, so yes probably on the backend.

@Toneus Found the issue, will be releasing a fix today. Any future data will be corrected (not any of your previous chart data).

It is a display only issue. Thank you for reporting!


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Yesterday’s measures are displaying correctly now. Like @franz said, previous chart data will not correct.

Thanks for the quick investigation and fix!

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