High Wind Delay Option?

I love my system! I see a bunch of suggestions here and I think that it is just refining something that is already great!

I have my own Davis weather station on the roof of my house, it offers wind speed along with precipitation. I would love to see a “high wind” delay option so that my sprinklers don’t turn on when the wind is past a certain speed. I tend to water early in the morning, so there usually isn’t much wind at that time.

I see that this has been suggested, some posts said in May. I don’t see a wind delay anywhere on my dashboard. Is something down the line?




Hey Steven,

I know its not perfect, but I do this with IFFFT. You can set up a rain delay when the wind is above ?? I use this so when there are gust above 20 mph, it puts a delay on the schedule.

Hope this helps.


Keep in mind that the IFTTT recipe will delay your system for a full day I believe. So if your lawn is scheduled for the next day, and it’s windy at 3pm the day before, your grass will not water in the morning when the wind may be calm. A future integration of checking wind speeds like an hour before running like it does for precip would be awesome.

I don’t know much about IFTTT, it is not a huge issue, I would rather have some water drift away than to have the lawn get stressed because it delays the watering for too long. But, perhaps this upgrade IS coming?

Thanks for the reply and thank you (I can’t see your user name) for pointing out the possibility of the delay being long.

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@StevenA You’re welcome. I learned from experience about that delay. I don’t really use IFTTT but I decided to try it out. It was windy one early evening and it set a delay. I thought it was pretty cool that it did that, until I woke up in the morning and realized that my lawn (which was due for a watering) wasn’t watering when it was going to be 110+ outside that day, and it as calm outside.


Yeah that is the only down side, Right now I get alerted to it and I manually turn the rain delay off in the evening so if the wind speed is down it will water the next morning.


I think that some sort of wind adjustment should be added in future releases. Wind affects ET slightly, but that is not enough.
Possible choices:

  1. Increase watering amount (time) based on a reduction of the efficiency caused & calculated by wind gusts measured at the start of watering.
  2. Delay watering until gusts are below thresholds. This is particularly useful when we get the ability to pause, (not delay -next day, or skip.

I do not yet have a PWS, but will soon and will want the abilty to adjust things based on wind affects.

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+1 for some kind of direct support for wind delay. I have our pws associated with my account (Davis pv2 with UV and solar) and would like to avoid watering if the wind speed is averaging above some limit. But not for an indefinite period of time. After some number of sequential wind delays it would need to water anyway, possibly for a longer period to account for both the delays as well as increased ET.