High Water Pressure Wastes Water

Recently I have been conducting sprinkler system assessmentso around my city. It is common to measure operating pressures of 80 to 100 psi at rotors and pop-up sprays. Optimum pressure for sprays is 30 psi, 45 psi for rotating spray nozzles and 45 to 50 psi for gear drive rotors. Gallons per minute at 98 psi can use 45 percent or more gallons per minute than at 30 psi. Solutions are to install a pressure reducing valve for the whole system, retrofit sprays and rotors with pressure regulated heads, or install a pressure regulator at the valve (like Hunter AccuSync). Control pressure and you will be amazed at the irrigation efficiency improvement. No more misting and less runoff.


Thanks for the info Robertokc. Which tools do you personally use to measure the pressure at each location? Rotors, sprayers, etc.

Good info…

I’ve been slowly replacing my spray head bodies with the Hunter PRS30/40 line (regulated to 30 psi and 40 psi, respectfully). I think my reclaimed water system has lower pressure than I’d like but these spray bodies seem to be the best at regulating pressure for my MP rotator spray heads.

I use two things:
Hunter MP pressure checker with a pressure gauge. For rotors I bought a pity tube and pressure gauge with an 18 inch hose. That is an Underhill product I bought from a irrigation distributor in Edmond, Ok. You can probably find these online.

I meant to write Pitot tube, not pity tube Pronounced “Pea-toe”

For low pressure try the Toro Precison nozzles. Toro has a female thread version that works on Hunter sprays. This nozzle uses 35 percent less water and is helpful in low pressure situations. The nozzle has a unique oscillating spray pattern. They are pricey but worth it.