High flow notification won't go away

High flow was detected in one of my drip zones a few days ago. Today I replaced an emitter that had fallen off, then successfully recalibrated the zone (1.2 GPM). In the Yard menu, why does this zone still indicate that a High Flow has been detected? How do I get rid of the message? Thanks.

The high flow notification within the app is gone now, sprinkler system hadn’t even run today (until I manually started it 10 minutes ago). Either the notification was cleared for me by some higher power, or perhaps it disappears on its own after a certain period of time has elapsed after recalibration. Go figure …

Input from Rachio would be appreciated. What exactly clears the amber “High Flow detected” banner on the Yard display for a zone that’s been successfully recalibrated? Shouldn’t the recalibration itself clear it? Thanks.

I also just recalibrated after fixing a broken emitter. Now the message does not want to go away :(. Hoping it will go away in a few hours like OP.

@laura.bauman … it sounds like I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. The reason I asked the question 3 days ago (two months after my OP) was because it’s happened again … I’ve have had a couple of high flow warnings in the past week, have recalibrated each of them, yet the amber “High Flow detected” header still appears above each zone on the Yard display. A reply from Rachio would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @milehiguy!

So sorry for not seeing your OP and for my delay in responding - I’ve been out of office for the last week.

I’m going to shoot this one over to @franz as he may have more insight into what’s going on here.

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Thanks Laura! (my daughter’s name) :wink:

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The problem for me was there was a notification that was preventing the message to go away after calibration. Support helped me with it. It’s the small icon on the top right of the app (on iPhone anyway). After I archived/cleared the notification, the hi-flow message went away.


@terminator thanks for the tip! It’s taken me a couple weeks, and I’ve already blown my system out for the winter and put the controller in Standby, but … I finally archived the two High Flow notification messages via that small icon you referred to and POOF … the amber High Flow header for these two zones went away on the Yard screen. @laura.bauman if it isn’t already, perhaps document this solution in an FAQ or somewhere. :wink:

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I’ll add this to the list!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up that this is missing!

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