Hi electric bill?

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in their electrical usage after installing a Rachio sprinkler system. Mine has doubled since July when we had it installed by an electrician.

The power draw of the Rachio is only a few watts. But if your irrigation system involves a pump, there could be a configuration issue or defect that is causing the pump to run continuously. Or, if you’re on a well, a valve could be stuck open causing the well pump to run excessively.

Thanks. I’ll have my sprinkler guy check it out when he comes to close it down at the end of this month.

Yeah I had a problem with my electricity aswell. My bills were hella high, considering that I didn’t even spend so much energy. I had really struggle for many months and there were no specialists that could figure out. I almost given up, but my wife has recommended me using the service of electricians Charleston SC. I didn’t really believe they could do anything, yet they solved my problem in just minutes. Comes out, it was the installers problem when they have built my house. Anyway, thanks to them now I’m happy and my energy bills are just as they are supposed to be:)

Even if all 8 of my solenoid valves were energized day and night for a month, my electric bill could not double. I can see that your water bill could double.